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Pres-N-Snap® Gypsy Stud Die

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What is a Gypsy Stud?

They are a snap that attaches two or more fabrics to one stud. Sometimes called “double stud”, they have a stud on top with a socket on bottom.  

How do you Install Gypsy Studs? 

By using this Gypsy Stud die designed to fit on a Pres-N-Snap® tool.  

Notice how instead of a smooth cap on the top side of your canvas you have male receiver snap showing!

The Gypsy Stud Pres-N-Snap® Die Set installs double DOT® Gypsy snap into your primary canvas with your gypsy snap showing on the top side.

This allows you to snap a second piece of canvas directly to the gypsy snap. Effectively piggybacking one snap to the back of another snap. This comes in very handy for canvas that overlaps another piece of canvas.

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Sold Individually

*Tool Not Included

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