Pontoon Bimini Hardware

Pontoon Bimini Hardware

Bimini Top Hardware For Pontoon Boat Buying Info

Pontoon Bimini top parts break due to aging from UV sun damage, fatigue, or parts dropped in the water. Older bimini top square tubing hardware is sometimes no longer available as newer models take their places. Feel free to reach out to us so we can help you understand what your options are and help you reach a solution.


  • Square metal pontoon tops are made out of aluminum.
  • Common diameter of square frames will be 1”, 1 ¼” or 1", 1 ½” 
  • You will need to know what size tubing you have before ordering square tube replacement parts. 
  • Also, if  you’re buying hardware that inserts into the end of the tubing, then you’ll need to know the inside diameter of the frame.


Pontoon Canopy hardware is called by the same root name as other powerboat Bimini Tops are called. The main difference is that the bimini top hardware for pontoon boats is most often square instead of round.

Common Root Names:

  • Eye ends or Top caps (These are on the end of tubing)
  • Jaw Slides (These receive eye ends higher up the leg)
  • Deck Hinges or Deck Mounts (These mount the entire frame and supports to the rails)
  • Quick Release Pins (Pull pins for the release of hinges)

You will find availability in plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel.  

In recent years, modern manufacturers have begun to use more stainless steel round tubing frames for their pontoon boat tops. This trend is continuing and will grow stronger over time. This may make the square frames less popular as time goes on, making some parts harder to find. 

The replacement parts used for round tubing pontoon tops are the same as any other boat with round tubing.

Another trend you may see on pontoon boats is the use of quick release mounting hinges for the frames and struts that support the tops on the railing. This type of mounting hinge makes folding the top that much quicker and easier.

Tip: Consider collapsing your Bimini top when not being used to preserve the top from the sun’s harmful rays and remember to always collapse and secure your Bimini top while transporting.