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Pres-N-Snap® Die Set

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What is a Lift the Dot® Fastener?

They are directional fasteners made of nickel plated brass that are used to attach cloth to cloth.  They only come off when lifted from one side of the fastener.

What is a directional fastener?

Directional fasteners only come off by performing a specific action to release the fastener.  That action might be to lift from one direction such as with Lift the Dot®, twisting to lift, or even pinching to lift.  

This makes for a more secure fastener under stressful conditions such as windy weather or difficult snap angles. 

How do you Install Lift the Dot® Fasteners?

The Pres-N-Snap® Die installs the male side of the Lift the Dot® snap and is designed to fit on a Pres-N-Snap® tool.  

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Sold Individually

*Tool Not Included

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