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EZ-Xtend Turnbutton Curtain Eyelet Fasteners

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EZ-Xtend Turnbutton Curtain Eyelet Fasteners

These Turnbutton Fasteners work great for marine and recreational vehicle applications. Just place the eyelet and washer on front of your canvas or fabric, and insert the flex washer between the eyelet and canvas. The flex washer prevents the eyelet from cutting the fabric. Once you have those in place, insert the backing clinch plate onto the back side of your canvas or fabric. It will fit securely over the eyelet prongs and crimp down to provide a secure clamp onto the back plate. Quick and easy to use. Made of nickel plated brass. Includes backing plates and flex washers. Sold in packages of 5 or 10.

  • MULTI PURPOSE: Marine fastener for boat covers, awnings, dodgers, tarp fasteners, recreational vehicle, and more.
  • ALSO KNOWN AS: Curtain Eyelet Fastener, Common Sense Fasteners®, Turn Button Fasteners, Murphy Fasteners
  • EASY TO USE: Canvas eyelets allow you to quickly secure canvas cloth to cloth. Includes backing clinch plate and flex washer.
  • HIGH QUALITY: No more rust or corrosion with these Nickel Plated Brass canvas twist lock fasteners.
  • CHOOSE YOUR PRONG SIZE: Short or Long Prongs on your turn button eyelet fastener according to your fabric thickness.
  • SOLD IN PACKAGES OF 5 or 10 which includes: Prongs, Backing Plates, Flex Washers in each package.
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