Quick-Fit Tool Kit

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Quick-Fit Tool Kit
This handy tool kit is how professionals get their canvas to fit so perfectly. They work by snapping directly onto the male snap stud already in your fiberglass. The sharp points of the Quick-Fit fasteners give your canvas a way to stay put on your boat while you make your marks. You can re-position your canvas as much as necessary to get that perfect fit.

This kit comes with:
  • 5 Quick-Fit pins
  • 5 plastic caps (used to keep the canvas in place on windy days or awkward angles)
  • Handy tool used for pressing and releasing Quick-Fit pins.
  • Use Quick-Fit pins to Install new factory canvas on your boat or use them to pattern a boat cover from scratch.
Quick-Fit is a trademark of Quick-Fit Canvas Tools

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