Lenzip #8 Separating Zipper - Heavy Duty Cut to Length Zipper w/Double Metal Locking Zipper Pulls

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  • #8 Lenzip Separating Vislon zipper. Boat canvas zipper with Metal sliders only
  • Lenzip zippers are the only zipper with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE which is why we have made the decision to use Lenzip in our shop and are now proud to offer them in our store.
  • Compatible with both YKK and Lenzip zippers and sliders.
  • Sizes 24", 36", 60", 96", and 120"
  • Available in Black or White

24" White ASIN #B081PDB7WG
24" Black ASIN #
36" White ASIN #B081PJX8VC
36" Black ASIN #B081PJNL9Z
60" White
60" Black ASIN #B081P8KV2G
96" White ASIN #B081P3HN2D
96" Black ASIN #B081P37WG9
120" White ASIN #B081PHGRW8
120" Black

Lenzip is a trademark of Lenzip Manufacturing Corp
Vislon and YKK are trademarks of YKK Corporation

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