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Lenzip #10 Separating Vislon Zipper - Metal or Plastic Slider - Black or White

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  • #10 Lenzip Separating Vislon zipper. Boat canvas zipper with Metal or Plastic Slider
  • Compatible with both YKK and Lenzip molded tooth zippers and sliders.
  • Sizes 36", 60", 96", 120" and 240" (The 240" is only available in YKK and has metal sliders)
  • #10 Zipper Available in Black or White
  • Comes with slider and stainless steel zipper stop.
  • Lenzip zippers are the only zipper with a lifetime guaranteed which is why we have made the decision to use Lenzip in our shop and are now proud to offer them in our store.
This is your typical marine zipper used on marine canvas. It is the largest size used by most custom canvas shops.

Lenzip is a trademark of Lenzip Manufacturing Corp.
Vislon and YKK are trademarks of YKK Corporation

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